Contract for Deed refinancing is only slightly different from any other home loan refinance. Many people, especially the last few years have bought a home on a Contract-for-Deed, also known as a land contract, instead of a traditional home loan.


Get rid of your contract for deed holder - refinance today.  It is easy, and we can help!




Generally speaking, most deed contracts have the payments amortized over 30-years, but the contract for deed has a balloon payment due in full in just 3-years to 5-years. Therefore many people are currently in need of a refinance loan to pay off their contract-for-deed.




Of course you may wish to refinance your contract for deed to simply get a lower payment! Just imagine what you could do with an extra $100, $300 or more each and every month.


See current MN, WI, and SD Contract-For-Deed refinance rates - No SSN needed.




Many people believe they need to purchase the home at the end of the contract, but actually, you already own the home.  Therefore your just need to do a standard refinance. If it was a purchase, you would need a down payment.  Because it is a refinance, we base the loan off the appraised value. Therefore most people are able to refinance their contract-for-deed with little, to no money out of pocket.  Of course like any other loan, there are closing costs - but you are able to roll those closing costs into the new loan.


Contract for Deed Refinance WI, SD, MNContract for deed refinancing in MN, WI, or SD is pretty similar to any other mortgage refinance.  Your lender is going to take a loan application, review your income, credit score, and do a property appraisal.  Assuming everything looks good, and you qualify for the new loan, paying off a contract-for-deed is easy. Depending on the loan program selected, how much you own, and the appraisal amount it, you might even be able to refinance AND take some cash out.


Because of the contract-for-deed, your lender is going to need just a few additional items:

  • Copy of the Contract-for-Deed - It does NOT need to be recorded at the county, but it is much clearer if it was.

  • Proof of on time payments on the contract for the last 12 payments (1-year) - This needs to independent third party proof like cancelled checks, or bank statements showing a payment

  • Name, phone number, and contact information for your contract holder

 For more accurate service, consider filling out a full loan application. There are no obligations.



In order to refinance your existing home, or to simply help you decide if refinancing makes sense, just call or click. A quick application tells us what we need to know, and let's us "run the numbers".





  • Pay Off Your Contract for Deed Balloon
  • Reduce Your Interest Rate
  • Reduce Your Monthly Payment
  • Cash Out Equity for Home Improvements
  • Consolidate Debt

To Contract for Deed Refinance You'll Need:


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